We decided to keep our testimonials exactly as they were written in their entirety…

"There are no words that can describe Lindsay Agne to the fullest. She is one of the most inspirational and influential women I have met in my life. When I was on the verge of giving up and letting the depression and the loss of my child to take control of my life, she lifted me out of that funk and she did everything in her power to pull me back from my dysfunctional thinking. I have never been so empowered in my life, she got me to remember my self-worth and the person that I used to be and want to become in the future. When I needed to admit myself as an inpatient at McLean Hospital, she was right by my side the entire way she took me to the emergency room and even visited me while I was in the hospital. I do not know many therapists that would have done that. Lindsay goes above and beyond for her patients and she makes sure to treat each patient like an important individual in her life rather than a paycheck which is very rare these days. I am forever grateful that she helped save my life and my family and because of her hard work and dedication I am a better person, I went back to school which is fulfilling my dream of becoming a pastry chef. I do not think that I would be here today if I had not met Lindsay. I feel that it was destiny that she was brought into my life. In my opinion she is my hero for all her hard work and dedication to her patients and their families, she helps both women and men going through infertility. If you are looking for a caring individual that checks in on you and makes sure you are okay both physically and mentally, Lindsay Agne is the therapist for you." –Keanna-October 2012

"I was refereed to Lindsay after working with two other professionals unsuccessfully. From my initial phone call with her, I felt I was in the hands of an experienced, thoughtful and caring person. Over the past year and a half Lindsay has listened and given me advice to deal with the myriad of issues surrounding infertility. She understands how infertility affects everyday life and how it can linger though even the best of days. Her sensitivity and recognition is refreshing and reaffirming in countless ways. I’ve always been able to email her and receive a quick response to set up a time to talk, even if was in-between scheduled appointments. The time, effort and guidance Lindsay gives exceeded my expectations of what a therapist ought to be like. She is genuinely concerned and eager to help."–Kim-April 2013

"I have very much valued my time with Lindsay and appreciated the opportunity to work with her on enhancing my self-confidence skills over the past year so far.  Lindsay really tries to know you and figure out how you think before offering advice.  A skill that I think is hard to find in a therapist.  Lindsay was first recommended to me when I was struggling to try and have a second baby, while at the same time trying to manage a happy family and maintain a successful career.  After two years of trying, with two miscarriages along the way and having feelings of despair, my husband I began going through the process of intrauterine inseminations at Boston IVF.  After three tries and one miscarriage later, I was finally pregnant and am currently in my 23rd week of my pregnancy.  Lindsay has been there for me every week during this process, helping me to develop questions to ask my doctors, offering advice on how to maintain a strong partnership with my husband along the way, she offers great nutritional and exercise tips when I’m dragging and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, and overall she gives me the positive reinforcement that I can do this, and that I first need to learn to care for myself before caring for others. As a working mother of a very energetic and “spirited” preschooler who never sleeps, I am exhausted all the time.  Lindsay never questioned why I wanted to have a second child, as a mother herself, she instinctively knows these feelings and understands the joys and tribulations of motherhood.  Most importantly, after working with Lindsay over the past several months, she has taught me to learn how to trust myself more and that I am a good mother. She is teaching me the patience to get through those tough days while at the same time remembering to take the time to enjoy my child while she is little. After all, as she said once, “these are the longest days and the shortest years.” Thanks, Lindsay for all that you continue to do!  Some days I don’t know what I’d do without you!"–Megan-March 2013  (Update: Megan gave birth to a healthy little boy in July- all are doing well.)

"Lindsay was a breath of fresh air for me when I was in a very dark place. I had meet with other therapists and mental health professionals, and nobody made me feel quite as comfortable. She was able to understand the turmoil and confusion that I was going through and was also able to provide me with suggestions and guidance that focused my attention and made me more confident during my eventual pregnancy.  After my miscarriage, I was extremely anxious to try again, but Lindsay helped me get past that fear. I knew that she supported me, and would help me with each hurdle that I faced and all of the uncertainty that I was feeling. I cannot thank Lindsay enough for all she has done for me."–Kate-August 2012 (Update: Kate gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in June 2012.)

"Lindsay has been a tremendous help to me on my journey to have a child. She has offered her knowledge, support and guidance, going above and beyond to help me get answers from my doctor. She has helped me through all the ups and downs of this past year with kindness and professionalism. I leave every appointment with a new sense of purpose and clarity. I know with Lindsay’s help my husband and I will reach our goal to become parents."–Ashley-May 2012 (update after 2 failed IFV attempts, Ashley became pregnant naturally after stopping all hormones and adding acupuncture and vitamin supplements. She is now 12 weeks pregnant! )

"I met Lindsay a little over two years ago doing my own research online after experiencing two miscarriages and two failed IVF cycles. The first I met Lindsay was more a meet and greet, but she made me feel so comfortable, and by the second visit I was able to open up I remember crying like I had never cried before. Lindsay was so compassionate, understanding, and I felt like I could share anything with her and she understood what I was going through and feeling.  I truly believe that she saved me and help me restore myself, but she also saved my marriage and determination to have a child. She gave me exercise and things to do at home, and even books to read to help me overcome all the pain, hurt, and blaming I had done for so long. Lindsay Agne is a true God send she is not only a therapist to me and my husband.  She checks in on me via email, phone calls, and just so compassionate. I would recommend any couple who is going through infertility issues and in need on a therapist Lindsay Agne is the best. I am grateful to have found her when I did. I am ever grateful!!!!"–Vanessa-October, 2011 (update, after 2 years, Venessa became pregnant via IVF, acupuncture, taking time off from trying and working on her total health and nutrition- she is currently 20 weeks pregnant!)